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Capilano Rehab Physiotherapy Clinic in Edmonton is an authorized provider of physical therapy services through Alberta Health Services-Edmonton Zone.

The Alberta Health Services (AHS)-Edmonton Zone provides limited coverage for physical therapy services to Alberta residents with a valid Alberta Personal Health Care number.

Limited AHS Funding for Physical Therapy Clinics


  • No medical referral necessary
  • Limited number of treatments
  • A wait to access your first assessment (unless post-surgical)
  • Approval based on a Determination Of Needs (DON)
  • Only available to Alberta residents with a valid Alberta Personal Health Care Number (PHN)
  • Not available for those seeking specialized services such as IMS, Acupuncture, Spinal Decompression, Orthotics, Magnetic BioStimulation, Radial Shockwave, WCB or MVA injuries.
  • If you would like to access this funding you will be required to let our reception staff know.  If you wish to attend for Physiotherapy services before funding is made available you will be required to pay for your visits while we wait for funding.  These privately paid visits can be submitted to any extended health benefit provider that you may have.


To find out if your physical therapy services will be funded by Alberta Health Services-Edmonton Zone, call Capilano and request a physical therapy appointment for an AHS assessment.

A physical therapist will assess the impact your injury or condition has on your daily activities, the benefit you are likely to get from therapy, and to determine whether you qualify for AHS funded treatments. If you do not qualify based on your assessment, you may want to look into your other options. AHS physical therapy assessments are available to all Albertans with a valid Alberta Personal Health Number.

Please be advised that after your assessment you may need to wait for your funded treatments to begin, because Alberta Health Services has a quota system on the number of clients it will fund monthly.


If you qualify, AHS will cover:

  • two treatments for regular clients per year (April 1-March 31)
  • six treatments for low-income clients per year (April 1-March 31)
  • six treatments for designated orthopedic/surgical clients per year (April 1-March 31)

If you need more than the allotted treatments, the extra visits may be covered by other health benefits or you may pay privately. If you have no other coverage, you can ask your physical therapist to apply to AHS for a review of your case to see if more treatments can be covered.

If additional treatments are not approved, you will be responsible to cover their cost.


If you do not want to wait for an AHS assessment, or you do not qualify, you may choose to see a physical therapist privately, or you may have coverage through other health benefits or insurance.

If you were hurt on the job, the Workers’ Compensation Board may pay for your treatment. If you were injured in a motor vehicle collision, insurance might cover it. You can also choose to pay privately.  However, Alberta Health Services will not pay for your treatments.

Discuss these options with Capilano’s administrative staff and your physical therapist. You are responsible for the cost of physical therapy services unless arrangements with an alternate funder have been made.

While Capilano enjoys helping doctor’s help their patients, you do not need a doctor’s referral to see a physical therapist.


Whether your physician has just taken off your ankle cast and told you to get moving, your specialist has given you the go ahead to start exercise after your ACL repair, or the nurse at the Total Knee Clinic has told you to start physiotherapy, Capilano’s physiotherapists are here for you.

Some features of our fracture (broken bone) and post-surgery physiotherapy are:

  • No medical referral necessary
  • No wait to access our physiotherapy services for fractures or surgeries
  • Access to state-of-the-art Biodex Passive Motion and Balance systems

Your assessment and a limited number of treatments are covered by Alberta Health Service. You are eligible for one assessment and 6 treatments. Once these treatments are completed, your private benefits are to be exhausted before any further access to AHS funding can be made. If no private benefits are available, your Capilano therapist can request further treatment through the AHS program.

You must access the services within 6 weeks of your fracture/surgery or 2 weeks of the removal of the cast/sling. In certain circumstances, such as a late referral from your physician or specialist due to slow fracture healing or complications, you may still qualify for access to AHS funding.

Capilano has state-of-the-art rehab equipment to help you with your recovery. Discover the Biodex Advantage with Capilano’s Isokinetic and Balance Therapy systems.

Whatever your situation, Capilano Rehab Physiotherapy wants you to know that there is no wait for these services and we request that you inform our reception staff that you have sustained a fracture or undergone bone and joint surgery while making your appointment. Most but not all surgeries qualify for funding therefore it is important to confirm with your physiotherapist and Capilano admin staff following your initial assessment.